Preorder: Looking at this cover, what do you see? If you noticed Lil Willy’s nose first then you are not alone, so did his classmates. So, stop what you’re doing and preorder now! Let’s see why Lil Willy’s story is a story shared by many; maybe even you. I have included black and white illustrations of my art in the back of each book for coloring as a bonus! (Hard cover 42 pages)


This story is about Lil Willy, a fourth-grader who finds himself in an uncomfortable situation that is quite emotionally challenging. When some of his classmates lyrically insult him in song about his nose, it becomes too much to handle. This story directs attention to the negative effects of verbal bullying. Who knew words could hurt so much!  

A Note from the Author:

So often kids have erratic behavior disorders that often causes parents to question their parenting skills. But even more often, parents are left in the dark. Usually because their child is being bullied at school by another kid or group. As a result, the kid grades suffer, he/she may experience sleepless nights and possible loss of appetite, which makes them susceptible to isolate themselves. This book illustrates the perfect example of how damaging words can be when used offensively in looney tunes…  


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