I AM LOST FOR WORDS ON THIS ONE! Yes I put it in all caps and once you read “SINS OF A HUSBAND,” you will understand. However, I highly recommend that you read (part 1) first, “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.” Remember, LOVE is a verb! Paperbacks only available at https://keypaperbacks.com/home/buy-now/


When you think with the wrong head you’re bound to end up in hot water This is what happened to JJ the first time he cheated on his wife and made a lovechild. You would think he learned his lesson but no he didn’t. Two years later he did the same thing again and got caught up in more than the bargained for!

All of the unnecessary drama caused uncertainty in Joy’s mind. She recently discovered she is pregnant but traumatized by JJ’s infidelity. All because he couldn’t keep his ding-a-ling in his pants! Its evident he’s a SINNER and has failed her over and over again but something deep inside wont allow her to let go.

He said he wanted his family back. He actually got lucky this time since the paternity test proved the baby wasn’t his! Perhaps he learned his lesson, or did he?


This heart wrenching story is about Lil Willy, a fourth-grader who finds himself in a not so uncommon situation. Hurt, afraid, and alone; Lil Willy is bullied and doesn’t know where to turn. When some of his classmates lyrically insult him in song about his nose, he feels emotionally unstable. This story directs attention to the negative effects of verbal bullying. Who knew words could hurt so much! 

A Note from the Author:

Far too often a child is a victim of bullying at school by another child, or worse yet, by other children. Typically, parents are left in the dark with no idea what is happening at a place where children are expected to be safe. Most parents believe their children are perfect little angels. In fact, most parents would be devastated to learn their child would dare say anything hurtful or mean to another child. Unfortunately, bullying in its many different forms cause countless numbers of children to experience sleepless nights, loss of appetite and self-isolation. This book illustrates the perfect example of how damaging words can be when used offensively. 

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They say you will know when the right one comes along. The day Keon met Olivia in the gym, his heart skipped a beat. Never one to believe in love at first site but Keon had to wonder if she was the one. Snazzy, sassy, and the body of a centerfold right out of a fitness magazine. Keon was mesmerized by the physical, intrigued by her intellect, and blown away by her spirit. To Keon, Olivia stood for Oh Life Is Very Interesting Again. Olivia kind of reminded him of himself.
One week before Thanksgiving, Olivia’s stress level increased beyond capacity. Could work, her birth control patch, her children or being on the hook to host Thanksgiving dinner for her entire family be the source that caused her to blow a fuse? Regardless of the root cause, things changed and they changed rapidly.
When family and friends get into the Kool-Aid, chaos and confusion is inevitable. Trouble is they are all up in the business and don’t even know the flavor!
This my second novel and it will hit home like you won’t believe…Dayum! This one right here is something we all are familiar with, but no one has spoken openly about it. Until now that is and you know I had to give it to you RAW and UNCUT. Don’t take my word for it, peep it for yourself.
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Just one month after saying “I do” to the woman of his dreams, JJ found himself in a compromising predicament. Could temptation cause him to stray? If so, she would have to be all of that and a bag of chips to make him forget his vows. But is it possible he joined the Navy to live up to the old adage “Sailors have a woman in every port?” Well the game got real and the stakes were higher than ever on deployment.

In the meantime, Joy is back home with her mama floating on cloud nine. Missing the love of her life, but she waits patiently and faithfully to reunite with her husband upon his return.

When the sins of darkness come to light, all hell is sure to break loose. The tale of wishing upon a falling star fades into Be Careful What You Wish For!

This is my first novel and I promise you, it will keep you on the edge of your seat in suspense! RAW, UNCUT and BRUTALLY HONEST… A true story about LOVE, PASSION, DEDICATION and COMMITMENT. My very own personal experience…

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After five overseas deployments in the Navy and less than two years before retirement, Kelvin Key is ready to commit and open his heart to a serious relationship. This is something he never had, but often longed for. Out of the blue, Carmen Smith comes along. Her light brown eyes, long black silky hair and a body that would make any man say, “Damn!” made her the perfect piece of eye-candy. Not to mention she was as freaky as they come! What else could a man ask for?

When their relationship extends over a seven month deployment, things just don’t seem to add up. Kelvin finds himself caught-up in more than he bargained for. On the other hand, back at home, Carmen is living the fast life and perpetrating to have more going on for herself than she actually does. Trouble is her cunning and persuasive ways are bound to catch up with her, but at what cost? When Kelvin makes a shocking discovery, it confirms she is not trustworthy and does not value being in a committed relationship. He is then reminded of the words spoken by his mother, “Son, don’t take any wooden nickels.”

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