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Get both of my urban romance novels for the low price of 24.95 for a limited time. I am a seasoned veteran. These novels were written based on the tribulations I encountered as well as others when love has gone awry. Everyone who read these novels said damn!! But they couldn't put the books down...



This is my latest novel. The saying is just as real as it was when your parents told you many years ago. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! Everyone who read this novel learned to be very specific when using the wish factor...



This is my debut novel. It is still as hot today as it was the day I released it. Everyone who read this novel learned how to be more specific when choosing a partner or mate. Wooden nickels ain't no joke!


We Cannot Turn Back (Crew -Neck)

We have come too far as a people. Let's not allow the one's who paved the way for us and sacrificed their lives go in vain. "WE CANNOT TURN BACK"


We Cannot Turn Back (V-Neck) Female

We have come too far as a people. Let's not allow the one's who paved the way for us and sacrificed their lives go in vain. "WE CANNOT TURN BACK"


We Cannot Turn Back (You get both shirts)

I would like to share a little known black history fact. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. improvised the iconic part of his “I Have a Dream Speech.” His original written speech was more political and less historic. However, the words spoken by Dr. King rang out more like a sermon as he said, “Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream…” For those of you that have supported me by purchasing a shirt, I am grateful. Thank you! My T-shirt depicts the American flag that stands for the American Dream and the face of one of our leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I want to share a message of HOPE and LOVE, one to another. More importantly, I want us to all be reminded that our difficulties of today and tomorrow should not include and “CANNOT Include GOING BACK.” We have come too far to turn back now!


Eye Candy Tee

Limited edition



Yasss! A glass of milk goes well after this... So does a nice adult beverage and a cigarette...



Yes you read it right P-H-A-T, not fat. Phat is fine as heck. It's what you want in a partner. What you need when you are in need FOSHO!!



Ooh Wee! This one right here, doesn't play by the rules. If you don't think you can get caught-up, try her or him... Just make sure you have FAT pockets!



This one is for the visual person(s), usually men but sometimes women. Just remember, everything that looks good, ain't necessarily good for you!


All 4 Wooden Nickel collectibles

Wooden nickels are metaphors for the people or things that we fall prey to. Each one of my collectibles are made of real wood and individually engraved. Each has a front and back. My signature is on each!


Front side


My first greeting card... Unfortunately, I am SOLD OUT


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