5 Stars Book Review

“Be Careful What You Wish For” is an easy read. The love story is real and for this ex-military wife it really hit home. In reality the names Joy and JJ could easily be replaced with your name, my name or a lot of other people’s names who share a similar story. The story is real, believable and honest. I would say it is “straight up with no chaser” lol.

I enjoyed the smooth flow of the book as the author moved the reader from one point in time to the next. There were times I wished for more. I wanted the author to allow me to stay in the moment and marinate (if you will) in certain parts of the novel. With that being said, the author found a way to allow the reader to see and feel a number of emotions (sensual, love, happiness, joy, anger, frustration, etc) throughout the novel. Since the characters were so young, I found myself jumping into many of the chapter’s right along with the characters in the book. Yes, I cussed out JJ. I yelled at Joy and told her to stop being stupid. I cheered for JJ for making good choices. Finally, I supported Joy for trying to be a good wholesome, honest, loving and loyal woman.

The book had some grammatical and spelling errors that caused me to have to go back and read a sentence or two once or twice to get the correct meaning. However, I did not find the errors to slow the story or to take away from the story being told.

Lastly, I had an opportunity to read the authors first novel. It was cute and very nice to read hints of his first novel “Cunning Persuasions, Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels” in the second novel. I found myself laughing and cheering for the author (yeah, the author) as I said to myself “I see what you did there. You mentioned that in the other book” lol. While the two books are not related in story line, the author cleverly used little nuggets from the first novel to enhance the second. That is enough from me… If you haven’t read either book from this author I would encourage you to do so.

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